Executive Coaching

Schuyler is often referred to one of the most credible thought leaders in the new era of business and is considered an influential practitioner of strategic branding,  partner relations and systems integration.  She is a top notch executive coach and an expert on identifying and developing the critical behaviors for leading self and others, and for implementing the behavioral changes that drive personal and organizational performance. Her alertness to cutting edge issues and trends keeps her coaching sharp and focused.

She has the energy, confidence and spirit to initiate in all environments, articulate in describing her understanding of it, and her vision of how it may be improved to influence outcomes. She blends the strength of maturity with the enthusiasm, vigor, and spontaneity of youth.

  • Finishing-up – The Finishing Touches to Polish, Package and Present the Brand Called You! ™

Finishing-up is a Contemporary Finishing School with Personal Coaching for Professionals, Young Adults, and Teens.  For anyone who wants to realize their potential and avoid the pitfalls of our eCulture Age of Paradox, this trailblazing venture identifies the changing world’s need for social skills to round out their business and technical skills. Finishing-up provides the finishing touches for Individual Performance Leadership, Manners and Etiquette and a live, roll-up your-sleeves guide to confidence, enjoyment, civility and dignity for profiting in the age we live.

“Life’s a beautiful sport. Train like a champ for a winning performance and make yourself proud!”

~Schuyler Morgan 

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