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 “Too busy to Love, Too Tired to Care”™Getting to the heart of the matter about  the consequences of our love affairs with our smart-devices, unrelenting schedules and longing for real human relations.

Do you find yourself living in spreadsheets, dreaming in Power Points, shackled to your smart phone, while rushing to pick up your kids at child care in time to make it to soccer practice and recitals before grabbing fast food for dinner then collapsing in bed with your laptop, tablet and TV?

People are living on the edge, stretched beyond their means: mentally, physically, spiritually and financially.  In this age of creating new wealth, instantaneous rules everywhere and all the time in our personal, professional and digital networks and in our emotional lives; instant messaging, instant food, instant replay, and instant gratification, etc.  Still, we have not truly explored the consequences of haste in our culture and in our daily lives that has left us with spiritual hunger and too busy to love and just plain too tired to care. 

This quote from Dean Ornish sums it up: “The real epidemic in our culture is not only physical heart disease, but also what I call ‘emotional and spiritual heart disease’ that is the profound feelings of loneliness, isolation, alienation, and depression that are so prevalent in our culture with the breakdown of the social structures that used to provide us with a sense of connection and community.  It is, to me, a root of the illness, cynicism, and violence in our society.” 


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