Smart Eco-City Development

Schuyler is a Founding Member of the Executive Development Team for the Clarksville “Tomorrow City” Smart Eco-City Development Project and serves as the  Chief Visionary Officer, Strategic Team Lead, and Director of Partner Relations.

Clarksville, CA is a new mixed use city development project that will showcase an ever changing technology fabric which will glimpse a new model of commerce, government, and living itself.  It is a rare opportunity to build a town from the ground up with a truly distinctive vision that shows a future new world in an easy entertaining way.

Schuyler also serves on the Core Team of the US China Green Energy Council, (UCGEC) Board of Directors, and is Coordinator of the Green Building, Smart Eco-Cities Working Group. UCGEC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and strengthen U. S. and China collaboration in Green Energy.

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